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4 July 2022 - News

Line Man Wongnai joins Save the Children (Thailand) Foundation to promote change for LGBTIQN+rights.

Even though Thailand has been newly recognized with more positive views towards LGBTIQN+, various communities remain unsafe for LGBTIQN+ children and youth.

The recent discussion with 84 children and youths, 12-23 years old, jointly organized with 7 organizations in the network to collect information required by the Universal Periodic Review in 2021 still found particular abusiveness, sexual violation, discrimination, and punishment i.e., by hair shaving due to LGBTIQN+. Moreover, there has been no equally learning and teaching about LGBTIQN+ for all to be themselves safely without adverse mental health, including depression and risky committed suicide.

By the way, last June was recognized as Pride Month among LGBTIQN+ groups, and Save the Children (Thailand) Foundation then organized activities jointly with children and youth in the “Leader of change for LGBTIQN+rights in the community - 2nd batch”, aiming to establish readiness and development to the top-up LGBTIQN+ creativities among the activities camping to share their experiences with others of the same age as the pathways for their own communities.

This activity has been as well supported by the business section, i.e., employees of the LINE MAN Wongnai Company who have participated in enhancing rights learning for both children and youth who joined this activity. Pongwich Kongcharoen, Public Relations and Marketing Activity Manager, Wongnai Co., Ltd., referred to his participation: “This project is the kick-off to enhance gender equality in their communities. Through our employees’ participation, we realize the various characteristics of each youth and group and their different problems. Specific communities have not recognized LBGTIQ+ while others have so many social and cultural problems which do not allow them to come out from their safe gone or be identified by their communities. I believe this activity is a good starting point to support and empower youth representatives to find the pathway toward LGBTIQN+ equality Pongwich shared his observation.

This is another social cooperation to establish availability for LGBTIQN+ children and youth to show their capacity towards further positive coverage based on our understanding. And indeed, with social equality.