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Strengthening Out-of-School Children Mechanisms in Tak

Strengthening Out-of-School Children Mechanisms in Tak

By Charlie Thame and Kraiyos Patrawart for Save the Children Thailand (February 2017). Thailand has made several commitments over the years towards realising the right to universal primary education for all resident school-age children. While significant progress has been made, many challenges remain, and the current government has identified the issue of Out-of- School Children (OOSC) as a priority. One persistent challenge has been estimating the numbers of OOSC and establishing their profiles and whereabouts so that interventions may be targeted to help them attend school. The present study has sought to contribute to this objective. Following a review of various methods to estimate the numbers of OOSC, and estimates of OOSC in Thailand, it presents an up-to-date nationwide estimate, an estimate for Tak Province, and estimates for the five border provinces covered by the Tak Primary Education Service Area Office 2 (PESAO).

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