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7 June 2017 - News


Save the children works collaboratively with the Thai government to strengthen protection mechanism for all children and the most vulnerable one, such as trafficking victims. SCI participates at the Anti trafficking day event to ascertain our standpoint to prevent and combat human trafficking. 


This marks the second years since Save the children has signed the MoU with the Thai government to strengthen our collaboration and support to the Thai government. 

The EASE project (Ensuring Appropriate Safeguarding for Emigrant and Trafficked Children) aims to develop sustainable capacities and systems within the shelters that house migrant families, and advocates for long-term policy development, such as the Child Safeguarding Policy, that will ensure the best interests of children and their families.


The I-LIFT project (Improving Legal Institutions and Follow-up of Trafficking) aims to strengthen key government offices and shelter staff though protection interventions and developing sustainable capacities and system within the shelters that house migrant families. The goal of I-LIFT is to improve trafficking victims’ access to justice and enhance legal protection aligned with the provision of comprehensive social support for victims of trafficking to protect them from further exploitation, trauma, and re-victimization.