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Child Protection

Our strategic goal

Children facing the greatest inequalities and discrimination receive appropriate protection support through improved knowledge, skills & attitudes of Child Protection actors, parents & teachers. 

Child Protection in Thailand

The Royal Thai government has been active in creating new laws and regulations for child protection, but laws primarily apply to those who are Thai, which means that over 300,000 children from neighbouring countries are unaccounted for.  As Thailand continues to urbanize and cities attract people from rural areas across the country, there will be a greater influx of children moving in and out of provinces, making it even more critical to establish a secure system of child protection that ensures the rights of all vulnerable children.

Children in Thailand, especially migrant and refugee children, are also vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, neglect, hazardous labor, and trafficking. Migrant children also often lack access to basic services - including education, healthcare and legal assistance. 

At present, children in Thailand are experiencing mental health issues, reporting stress, worry and anxiety. As usual, the most vulnerable population and the migrant population face more challenge because of limited access to mental health care treatment. There is a countrywide shortage of social workers, especially those with skills in mental health and psychosocial support, and the systems supporting and appointing them are inconsistently coordinated, which means child protection issues are often missed or underreported.

What we do

Every child, everywhere, deserves to grow up safe and supported. Save the Children is a global leader in child protection, especially in times of crisis and conflict, when children are most vulnerable.

In Thailand, Save the Children works to build capacity for caregivers and child protection service providers such as social workers on case management, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), and recovery from conflict through safe spaces and family reunions.

We also provide technical support to the Royal Thai Government and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) on ensuring standards of care for vulnerable children comply with international standards. We also integrate child protection best-practice and procedures into disaster risk and reduction (DRR) programmes across Thailand.

We work with migrant and refugee communities in the North-West of Thailand to educate and empower young people to campaign and effect change on the pressing issue of online safety.

In 2021, we:

  • Worked with 270 community workers in both northern Thailand and the Deep South to build better community-based child protection systems for children.
  • Over 96% of children residing in shelters targeted by Save the Children responded that their care plan met their needs.
  • All 9 government protection centres and care homes for victims of trafficking were supported to implement child safeguarding policies and systems.

“Before SCT comes in, we will plan the children’s lives for them. But we learn that the children should get involved in the design of their care plan. Once we know what they want to do, we support them. When we plan something for them, we will discuss with them.”

–  Life Impact, Shelter Staff FGD