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6 June 2024 - News

Save the Children and the Embassy of the Netherlands Unveil Transformative Green Jobs Research for Thai Youth on World Environment Day

Bangkok, Thailand, June 5, 2024 – Save the Children Thailand, in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands, proudly announces the launch of a pivotal study, "Green Jobs for Youth in Thailand." This landmark research was unveiled at an event hosted at the residence of the Ambassador to Thailand, attended by over 80 stakeholders from various sectors including government, academia, corporates, and non-profit organizations. The "Greener Generation" event emphasized the critical role of youth in steering Thailand towards a sustainable future.

The study addresses the severe impacts of climate change on sectors crucial to Thailand’s economy, such as agriculture, health, and tourism, and highlights the proactive role youth can play through employment in "green jobs." These positions not only aim to preserve the environment but also enhance resource efficiency and support climate adaptation initiatives.

The report has 2 key strategic recommendations:

1. The research calls for a formal definition of "green jobs" to align policies and encourage the private sector’s transition towards sustainability. It also recommends the revision of restrictive regulations and suggests enriching non-degree educational pathways to prepare youth with necessary green skills.

2. The private sector is urged to embrace clean technologies and adapt their workforce strategies to include green skills, ensuring young individuals are well-prepared for the evolving job landscape.

Youth representatives shared their experiences and advocacy for STEM, biodiversity, and circular economy opportunities during the event. Prominent figures from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, the UN Environment Programme, and the Global Compact Network Thailand committed to collaborative efforts in supporting youth green skills development.

Mr. Guillaume Rachou, Executive Director of Save the Children Thailand, stated, "Aligned with this year’s World Environment Day theme, '#GenerationRestoration,' our initiative is dedicated to empowering youth with green skills to lead in environmental stewardship and secure a sustainable future."

This event not only highlighted the necessity of a united approach to foster a greener economy but also set forth a progressive agenda for integrating sustainability into Thailand’s developmental policies, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals.