application/pdfComprehensive School Safety FrameworkA Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) framework is translated in Thai and published with a financial support from UNICEF through "Strengthening Institutional Capacity of Thailand’s Education and DRR Stakeholders on Comprehensive School Safety Framework in Thailand" project started from September 2015 to February 2017. This publication aims to enhance understanding of education sector, DRR stakeholders as well as the public on CSS framework.15/03/2017442KB
application/pdfModel of Education in Hard-to-Reach Areas: The KTWG ModelThe report draws upon evidence accumulated over the past decade showing the impact of the KTWG’s work in addressing significant gaps in education quality in areas throughout South-Eastern Myanmar, many of which are isolated, rural, and hard-to-reach. The study reflects on the relevance of such a model in supporting ethnic teachers and students in the rapidly-changing Myanmar context and draws on external literature to validate the approaches used in terms of teacher professional development, teacher quality, and student learning.06/03/20174MB
application/pdfThe Journey of Refugee and Asylum-Seeking ChildrenThis report reviews the maritime movements of refugees and migrants across South East Asia, focusing on refugee and asylum-seeking children and their experiences in countries of origin, transit and destination. The study underlines the urgent need to establish domestic and cross-border child‑sensitive, protection-oriented systems to ensure protection for refugee and asylum-seeking and migrant children. It is essential to ensure that they are not detained under any circumstances and are provided with healthcare and quality education.27/12/20161MB
application/pdfReport Brief: Model of Education in Hard-to-Reach AreasReport Brief of Model of Education in Hard-to-Reach Areas: The KTWG Model. The full report is examines the specific teacher education model implemented in Karen areas of Myanmar, a model overseen by the Karen Teachers Working Group (KTWG) since 2002 and one that has extended well beyond support to teachers. Full report also available in Resources.06/12/2016564KB
application/pdfEvery Last GirlThe report provides a snapshot of the situation for girls, ranking 144 countries from best to worst in which to be a girl, based on five indicators – early marriage, adolescent pregnancy, maternal mortality, women in parliament, and lower secondary school completion. Thailand currently ranks as the 81st country, with Vietnam at 47, Indonesia at 74, Cambodia at 89, and Laos at 101.12/10/20161MB
application/pdfForced to Flee: Inside the 21st Largest CountryThe world’s 65.3 million forcibly displaced people—who would make up the world’s 21st largest country based on population. Forced to Flee: Inside the 21st Largest Country examined indicators most relevant to the well-being of children.21/09/20166MB
application/pdfLessons in Literacy250 million primary aged children worldwide are not learning to read and write. This report highlights eight principles to ensure that Every Last Child can read. We are calling for counties to prioritise and invest in efforts to ensure all children are able to read.21/09/20166MB
application/pdfSave the Children Thailand 2016-2018 Strategy Summary (Thai)(Thai translation) Summary of Save the Children Thailand Strategic Plan 2016-201821/03/20162MB
application/pdfSave the Children Thailand 2016-2018 Strategy SummarySummary of Save the Children Thailand Strategic Plan 2016-201821/03/20162MB
application/pdfEFA Action in Thailand: A Case Study of Good PracticeA success story of the innovative Bang Khun Tian model that has successfully engaged migrant communities, schools and local policy makers in the pursuit of realizing Thailand’s EFA policy for migrant children in Thailand.16/02/2016719KB
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