Child Participation

application/pdfSave the Children’s Work in Road Safety: The 7% ProjectSave the Children launched the “7% Project” project in Thailand to decrease motorcycle deaths and injuries among Thai children by increasing helmet use. The 7% Project design employed an integrated approach that includes partnerships with media, social enterprise, government, corporate partners, schools and communities. This e-book is designed to assist programmes to fulfil their road safety objectives with children at the centre of the approach, providing guidance and innovative ideas on implementing specific interventions. For more information, see: 26/02/20203MB
application/pdfChildren at the Centre FactsheetThis paper is a brief of “Children at the Center, Participatory Action Research in Thailand’s Deep South”, a report written by Greg Tyrosvoutis, Watcharapon Kukaewkasem and Wirachan Sirisanti for Save the Children’s Local Engagement to Advocate for Peace (LEAP) project. A collaborative research was commissioned in early 2018 by Save the Children to gather the views of 458 children (238 girls, 220 boys) on the impact of the conflict, identify their views of what peace looks like, and determine how children can more meaningfully contribute to peaceful social cohesion. 10/10/20181MB
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