Wednesday 21 October 2020

Statement of the Child Rights Coalition Thailand following the dissolution of the protest in Bangkok on October 16, 2020


The Child Rights Coalition Thailand (CRC) offers its solidarity to children, youth, students and other people who participated in the protest at Pathumwan Intersection in Bangkok, Thailand on 16 October 2020, which law enforcement officials used violence to disperse. It is deeply regrettable that the state has taken measures that violate the rights of people through actions that could endanger protesters, including children and youths. Such actions could escalate the situation and risk further violence.  

Thursday 27 August 2020

Save the Children เรียกร้องทุกฝ่ายที่เกี่ยวข้องเคารพสิทธิของเด็กในการแสดงออกของพวกเขาโดยปราศจากความกลัวจากการถูกคุกคาม

Thursday 27 August 2020

Thailand: Respect children’s right to raise their voices without fear of harassment

Monday 18 December 2017

Overcoming Childhood Adversity: Safe Migration in a World on the Move

Monday 18th December, Bangkok – The Migrant Working Group celebrates International Migration Day 2017 by recognising all children’s rights to survive, learn, and be protected.

“Today, there are more than 200,000 migrant children in Thailand who are currently out of school. Approximately 60% of these children are out of school due to their status and the discrimination that they face,” Save the Children’s Country Director in Thailand, Kim Koch said.